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Recombinant Antibody Expression Service

Recombinant antibodies are monoclonal antibodies produced by gene synthesis and in vitro expression using recombinant technology. Recombinant antibody technology enables the production of humanized antibodies and human antibodies. Using recombinant technology for antibody expression, it is possible to produce large and stable quantities of monoclonal antibodies without the need for immunization. AssayVector has extensive experience in the field of recombinant antibodies, and we are able to offer you a wide range of recombinant antibody production, including mouse and rabbit monoclonal antibody sequencing and expression, chimeric antibody expression for constant region isoform replacement, scFv, Fab fragments, single domain antibodies ( sdAb) and various Fc fusion table protein expression.

· No vaccination required, avoiding the human immune response induced by murine monoclonal antibodies

· Good consistency, high repeatability, good reproducibility of prepared antibodies with low batch-to-batch variation

· Recombinant modifications including antibody fragment expression, isotype substitution, chimeric antibody, antibody humanization, etc. are possible.

· Mass Production of Antibodies: Stable Transfection and Screening of Stable Cell Lines for Rapid Industrialization of Monoclonal Antibody Drugs


Service Description

Service Steps 









Gene Synthesis

• Target Gene Synthesis and Subcloning


• One copy of the constructed expression vector (containing the target gene sequence)




Vector construction

• Cloning into expression vectors

• Plasmid sequencing

• Bulk Plasmid Preparation


Expression Rating

• Transformation of suitable cells (HEK293/CHO)

• Low volume transfection

• SDS-PAGE analysis to evaluate protein expression


• Express the results of the assessment

Routine transient transfection expression (30ml) and purification

• Purification of transiently transfected cell supernatant

• Affinity Purification

• SDS-PAGE Analysis


• Feasibility Report

• If expression purification is feasible, a certain amount of antibody samples will be provided to the customer depending on the expression situation.

Bulk expression and purification (optional)

• Choice of 1L expanded culture or bioreactor

• Affinity Purification

• SDS-PAGE Analysis

Determined by volume

• Purification of Recombinant Antibodies

• SDS-PAGE Report

• Lab Report

Service Commitment

· Highly efficient expression vectors for more stable protein structure and properties and high protein activity

· Our company uses a high-density expression system based on suspension cells (HEK293F/CHO).

· Rapid production cycle, from sequence optimization to immediate transfection to antibody purification and data reporting in as little as 4 weeks