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Custom Phospho-specific Antibody


AssayVector offers site-modified antibody customization service based on years of experience and technology accumulation. AssayVector's modified site-specific antibodies do not recognize unmodified antigens and have high specificity and sensitivity with a guaranteed immunogen potency of not less than 1:160,000; cross-reactivity with unmodified peptides is <10% of the customized antibodies. A wide range of modified antibody services are available, including:

· Phosphorylation-modified specific antibody preparation

· Methylation modification specific antibody preparation

· Acetylation modification specific antibody preparation

· Succinylation modification specific antibody preparation

· Generation of ubiquitination-modified specific antibodies

· Palmitic acidification modification specific antibody preparation


AssayVector also offers a line of post-translational modification pan-antibodies: lysine acetylation, methylation, succinylation and malondialdehyde-formaldehyde pan-modification specific antibodies.

Service Features

· The peptides were synthesized using professional antigen design software for the identified sites, combined with the literature and extensive selection of peptide sequences with good immunogenicity

· Provide high quality peptide antigens, peptide antigens for immunization are guaranteed to be >90% pure with strict quality control

· Mature experience in peptide coupling technology, selecting good coupling solutions from a variety of carrier proteins and different coupling methods, with a coupling rate >80%

· Use of proprietary adjuvants to ensure good mixing of antigen and adjuvant, and multi-point subcutaneous injection to maximize immunogenic potency

· Immunization of 4 rabbits (to avoid differences in immunization effects caused by differences in animal organisms, increase to 4 experimental animals), preferably 2 rabbits with high potency for purification

Service Description

Service Steps 









Antigen Analysis and Design

According to the modification site specified by the customer, we analyze the immunogenicity, hydrophilicity and homology of the protein to select the appropriate specific peptide sequence.


Analysis Report



Antigen Preparation

Modified peptides were designed and synthesized for specific protein binding site sequences and coupled with KLH for immunization.


1mg modified peptide

The corresponding unmodified peptides were synthesized and coupled to BSA for purification.

1mg unmodified peptide

Animal Immunization

Immunization of 4 rabbits with 5 immunizations per host, including an initial immunization (with complete Fuchs adjuvant) and 4 booster immunizations (with incomplete Fuchs adjuvant).


Rabbit serum 60 mL (other hosts separate)

Potency Test

Detection of serum ELISA potency, encapsulation of immunogens for ELISA detection


Potency Test Results

Antibody purification

Cross-adsorption purification with modified and unmodified peptides


5mg affinity purified antibody to 10ml antiserum

Potency Test

Detection of antibody ELISA potency, the immunogen, the adsorbed antigen are separately encapsulated in ELISA, the test to check the adsorption effect.


Potency Test Results

Project Report