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Peptide Synthesis


AssayVector can provide high quality peptide synthesis, peptide coupling, fluorescent peptide synthesis and other services. We have mature peptide synthesis and purification methods, utilizing SPPS method and liquid phase synthesis method to provide customers with high quality peptides. Batch-to-Batch Reproducibility to Ensure Consistency: Automated peptide synthesis to minimize human error; Strict management to ensure reproducibility and peptide quality and purity; Strict quality control to ensure the overall quality of each peptide: Each step of the peptide purification process is controlled by ESI-MS and RP-HPLC, and the peptide is packaged in a vacuum package to prevent deliquescence and oxidation of peptides. Oxidation is effectively prevented by vacuum packaging. Peptide technical experts provide one-on-one precise service, any peptide technical problems, synthesis and purification problems can be discussed and researched together with technical experts.

Service Description 









Peptides within 30 amino acids



HPLC, MS Test Report



Special Peptide Requirements (Length and g Amount)



HPLC, MS Test Report

Service Commitment

· Each peptide is accompanied by HPLC, MS test report, unqualified products will not be shipped, peptide synthesis quality inspection before payment. 

· Delivery of 200 or less common crude peptides in 3 weeks, 200 or less purified peptides in 4 weeks.

· Customize various modified peptides such as phosphorylated, crotonylated and other modified peptides

· We can provide carrier protein coupling peptide services, KLH, BSA, OVA and other carrier protein coupling services.